The Power Of A Dream – Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Challenge

With this weeks QSC challenge we are to post about what our dream lives would be like. While this is a powerful exercise and designed to create accountability it is also not the easiest thing to do for some people.

While it is easy to make up your dream life with lots of fancy cars, houses, vacations and riches; it is also at this point where many people quit dreaming. They think they only have to do this exercise once for their dreams to become reality. Sadly this is why most people fail to see their dreams become a reality.

So it is my intention to help shed some light on the power of a dream.

We all know that creating your dream life all starts with visualizing what you would like to have in life. And this is where most people stop. But if you take the extra steps to add in your sense of touch, smell, hearing, seeing and emotions within these visualizations then you start to feel as if your really there.

The more you visualize in this manner the stronger the connection is in your mind. The stronger the connection in your mind the more your mind helps find ways for these visualizations to become real.

Now to make the best use of your dreams is to change them into goals by giving them deadlines. Your goals can then be broken down into tasks with deadlines. And at this point you now have a plan to achieving your dreams.

As for my dreams; I am just like anybody else looking for fame and fortunes. However my two main goals kinda go hand-in-hand and that is to be dept free and make enough so that my wife and I have the option of quitting our jobs.


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