3 Easy Ways To Find Hot Niches

Want to make money online but don’t know what niche to choose? Then these 3 shortcuts to help you research the hottest niches for newbies and seasoned marketers alike.

Clickbank Marketplace is one of the popular places to check for hot info niches. Just choose any category you might be interested in promoting. The resulting page will be a list of the most popular products for you to promote.

Amazon is a popular place for hot physical product niches. Just choose a category and you will find several of the most popular products available.

Forums are another place to do niche research. Just look for forums in the niche that you are interested in promoting and see what problems or questions keep recurring. Then find the solution and promote. Caution: Do not spam the forums with affiliate links. Instead become a helpful contributor and soft sell.

Don’t be overly concerned about saturation in any particular niche. No two affiliates will promote the same way. So you must find the angle or hook that resonates with your customers if you want to become successful with affiliate marketing or product creation.


One thought on “3 Easy Ways To Find Hot Niches

  1. Hey Roy, great post. I recently published a report which discusses the same subject but with a slightly different lean. There are 5 steps to follow including identifying your passions and interests; identify problems you can solve; research your competition; check the profitability of your niche; then test your idea. Happy to share this report with you if you want.

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